A Changing Tide

It wasn’t so long ago that I proclaimed any meal that took longer to make than eat wasn’t worth preparing. Or that I’d wait until every last item in my closet was dirty before finally wrestling with the laundry pile. Or wake up on Sunday afternoon, on the couch, hungover and still in my clothes from the night before. I’m not sure if it was getting engaged and then married that recently put me over the edge but suddenly I’ve found myself spending more time cooking, cleaning and knitting than nearly anything else. 

Since our wedding in September, I’ve spent my weekends at the grocery store or in the laundry room more often than the bar. In fact, my husband said to me that we would have gotten married years ago if only he knew a wedding would cause this kindof change.

I’m not suddenly proclaiming to be a domestic goddess. I usually spill more food on the stove–or floor for that matter–than makes it into the pan or take longer to wrestle my cat away from the clean laundry pile than actually fold it. But, I am realizing I’m suddenly domestic…and I think I like it.


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