A Success

Our Thanksgiving was amazing.

To avoid getting stressed out Thursday, I made the pies Wednesday night

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Thursday morning I woke up early and cleaned the kitchen and laid out all the pans and serving dishes. I finished just in time to climb back in bed to watch the parade with a fresh cup of coffee. Hubs was still sleeping and our cat Foxy was curled up on the other side of me, it was an awesome way to spend the morning.

I got back out of bed around 11 to prepare the turkey and stuffing. My mom had perfect timing when she called to say happy thanksgiving. I was just opening the bag and taking the turkey out. We put her on speaker phone so she could talk me through removing the giblets. I’m still not convinced that our giblets looked like what they were supposed too. But, we didn’t find them anywhere else so that must have been it (Trust me my mom got a good laugh out of that one.) Hubs was no help, he was taking photos the whole time. I have a hard time cleaning raw chicken, so H wasn’t sure I’d make it with a whole turkey. I did okay, but I was really happy to have that bird in the oven. It feels good to know I won’t have to do that for another year!

Preparing the Turkey

Preparing the Turkey

Right after the turkey went in, we decided we were hungry so we made crab and corn chowder (excellent) and spinach dip for lunch. It was a great preview to dinner, which was ready around 5:30.



H was awesome as he cut the turkey like a pro, even though he’d never done it before. He also helped wash all the dishes and clean the turkey when we were finished.

We still have three tuperware containers full of turkey, thankfully one of them we froze because we’re going to be eating turkey up until it’s time to head back east for Christmas.

Our First Turkey

Our First Turkey



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4 responses to “A Success

  1. tobpa

    Looks perfect! I would love a slice of the pie…we had great pumpkin cheesecake, and a lucious turtle pumpkin pie that Meg made, but no apple! The turkey looks picture perfect! Well done, Mrs Astor!

  2. Now I know why you thought I was crazy when I said I didn’t like sour cream. I bet your pie was delish and the bird looks amazing.

  3. Heather

    Love the color of Le Creuset that you picked! I hope you are enjoying it! It is worth every penny!

    • lauren2498

      Thanks! It’s actually a Martha Stewart! Macy’s didn’t have our Le Creuset and between her sale, a discount and a coupon we got this one for a steal. I think for the number of times I’ll use it it’s a good compromise.

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