A Shopping Trip

On Friday, H and I hit the mall with thousands of other Angelenos. There were 5 traffic cops just directing people into the parking garage. I had to laugh as we made our way through the circling traffic waiting for a parking spot on the first floor, because on the ramp to the roof there were easily 30 spots completely open. In this city, people will sit in their cars for 30 minutes to avoid walking an extra 50 feet.

We were on a mission to Macys as one thing we weren’t expecting from the wedding was the number of gift cards we’d received. Thinking we’d get the most for our money we headed out.

I was surprised at how successful we were. H has a strong opinion about almost everything–from napkins to sheets to toothpaste. So, when we go shopping, it’s a rarity that we both find something we love. We actually had a plan on Friday though. We knew we wanted new bedding, so H looked at the Macy’s site and chose 4 options of bedding that he liked (all white, I don’t think so)

One of the options was on display and I could have crawled into bed right there. (take a look)

Unfortunately, after scouring the entire bedding department, we realized they didn’t actually have the sheets in our size (typical). So, we bought 2 sets of coordinating sheets and a bed skirt–then after another hour in the kitchen department netting us a handful of kitchen tools, cooling racks and a new toaster–we thought we’d wait in line and order the bedding from the store. Big, huge mistake. So, we ended up heading home and ordering the comforter online. Thanks to coupon codes and a free shipping offer, I think we even saved money.

Our new comforter should arrive at my office late this week and I absolutely can’t wait. We’ve had a dryclean only comforter for 4 years…and honestly tell me, who regularly dry cleans their comforter. Machine washable here we come.


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  1. To tell you the truth I shove my dry clean only down comforter in the washing machine. With the amount of animals around here it’s the only way to go.

    Glad you scored on the goods.

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