A Distraction

Sample Ties

I have a massive list of Christmas projects to finish before we head back east on the 22nd. Still, all I want to do is knit things for me, or look at other projects online or in magazines for our house. So, when my coworker and I were picking through sample ties we received from a client, I couldn’t help myself. These babies came home with me. We get hundreds of ties a year, and usually divvy them up, so this time I took my fair share. Now, all I can think about is busting out my sewing machine to stitch them together. Hopefully I’ll finish my other projects in time that I can have a new purse for our trip home. (wishful thinking I’m sure) If not, these will have to be waiting for me when we return.

Sample Ties 2



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3 responses to “A Distraction

  1. Holy crap. The close up picture where they’re woven together like a piece of fabric looks incredible….it has a quilted quality to it. That would make an oustanding bedcover or throw. I can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. lauren2498

    Thanks girl! You were totally right. Weaving was the way to go. Now I just have to get up the guts to cut them!

  3. Whatever you are doing looks very cool. I, too, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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