A Holiday Arrives

Holiday Knitting

Christmas has come to Casa Domestic!

After attending the Hollywood Christmas parade on Sunday, Hubs and I headed home to put up our tree (which is about 2 feet tall) and hang stockings (one, tiny one, for our cat).

It also reminded me that I have approximately 3 weeks to finish my Christmas knitting. Primarily one  very large, white sweater for H’s dad. I’ve been working on it for about 3 weeks already and am barely halfway there. Clearly, I’m concerned. Last night I knit for the full two hours of the Biggest Loser and made some progress. Fortunately, December is always a busy month for H so if I spend hours each night on the couch knitting, he’s none the wiser. I may just make it provide my coffee pot can keep up.



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2 responses to “A Holiday Arrives

  1. Lolo!!! You didn’t tell us you started a blog!!! It looks great! You’re on my bloglines queue now!

  2. Yay! Thanks to Ellen I fond you too.

    You will get that sweater finished during the Biggest Loser Finale. Who’s going to win? I hope it’s not that mean ole Vicki. Wasn’t it funny when Bob referred to her as Shakespearean?

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