A Review: The Lace Reader

I’ve read like crazy since I was a little girl. When I’m reading for myself, I tear through books like mad. Here’s the latest:

The Lace Reader

by Brunonia Berry

The book takes place in Salem and features a family of women who tell fortunes based on images they read in pieces of lace.

The writing in this book is good (not great), but the plot is astounding. I was shocked by the ending and am considering reading the entire book again–something I rarely do–just to see what I missed in the beginning. I’m certain this book will be in the press, and likely be made a movie before too long. It’s rare the I’m surprised by a book but this one got me.

Put it on your list!



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2 responses to “A Review: The Lace Reader

  1. I love a good book. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

  2. The Lace Reader!?! Wow! LOVE the title. Sounds interesting. I want to learn how to read lace! Must be like reading tea leaves.

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