A Damn Good Pizza

After our ‘hike’ through Griffith, Eric and I worked up an appetite for dinner. Since we were in Los Feliz, we decided to head down Hillhurst and check out some of the independently owned restaurants there. We ate at Farfalle a few years ago for my birthday and it was amazing, but Saturday we were looking for something warm and simple. I spied Lucifer’s Pizza from the window. 

It’s small and cozy inside, with a self-proclaimed bohemian style. The menu is amazing–featuring everything from pumpkin and prosciutto to cranberry chicken pizzas.  The owners even personally came by our table to make sure we were happy with everything.

Greek Lamb and Rosemary Pizza

Greek Lamb and Rosemary Pizza

We went for the Greek Lamb and Rosemary because I can’t say no to feta cheese. It was amazing. You can tell the ingredients are fresh and well prepared. I’m dying to go back again already. Fortunately they have a R.I.P. (Rewards in Pizza) Club–I have a feeling it wont be long before we’re back again.



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2 responses to “A Damn Good Pizza

  1. We will have to try it out. Although my hubby’s first reaction to the suggestion was that it sounded gimmicky. He thinks his pizza is the best. I tend to agree.

  2. lauren2498

    Maybe a little gimmicky, but I’d be more likely to feel like that if it was a chain. Since it’s independent, I’m okay with flashy. They do have some standards, like Hawaiian pizza, but they toss on coconut too–which sounds yummy to me as well.

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