A Saturday In (and Out)

Friday half of my office stayed home with the stomach flu…so when I woke up Saturday morning with no desire to eat, and no interest in doing anything other than keeping my butt on the couch, I though I was in for the worst. I was so bummed that it was totally beautiful outside. You can see Runyan Canyon from my apartment, and I could see the dogs and hikers enjoying the sunshine. I hate being inside on the weekend.

Fortunately, I never got sick, so we stuck to our Saturday night plans and headed out to Griffith Park. (After Eric made me a great lovely breakfast-for-dinner feast of pancakes and eggs!)


My favorite!

My favorite!

We haven’t been to the Griffith Park light display before. I LOVED the theme and figuring out what part of the city the lights were portraying. I’m partial to the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Bowl, but LAX in lights was really cool (and inventive)

I’m so glad we went early–the line to exit the 5 was out of control when we left. There, the crowds were minimal, parking was fine and it was cool enough in LA to almost make it feel like winter. With the holiday music and lights. I actually may have caught the Christmas spirit. The event was free and it was great to get outside and walk around for awhile. Sunday was the last day you could walk through the display, it’s open through the end of the month to cars.



Enjoying the lights

Enjoying the lights

To top off our night out, we hit up a new restaurant–check in tomorrow–it was so good it totally deserves its own post!



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3 responses to “A Saturday In (and Out)

  1. tobpa

    “it was cool enough in LA to almost make it feel like winter.”

    it must be “cool” if you and E both have sweaters on! But really, what, 40??? Be ready for PA winter, baby, it’s 15 here this morning.

    Love the pics!

  2. Ooooo…I haven’t been to see the G.Park Xmas lights in years! I love that display. Must go soon….must remember to go early to avoid the crowds! Thanks for the reminder. Great Pix!

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