A Return

Today was a return to work, home and routine–and one seriously whiney kitten. 

Eric and I had a great first married Christmas. We’ve been together since high school so we’ve been sharing holidays for nearly a decade. Still, this Christmas was different for both of us and it was nice to feel more at home with one another’s family. 

Our flight to PA was so-so, but the visiting, eating, shopping and gifting was more than enough to make up for it. I have lots of great stories to share later this week–like my failed pie, ultra successful shoe shopping and great gifts.

My newly-found domesticity has me excited about returning home. I’m looking forward to going back to blogging, crafting for myself, reading, healthy cooking and working on our finances. Eric is already back in the studio. He’s rejuvenated after visiting with our families and friends and talking about the album. (He’s posted samples here, where you can also join his street team.)

I know everyone’s gearing up for New Year’s this week and we’ve got a lot of ideas at our casa for making ’09 a great one. I’ll share more this week.



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3 responses to “A Return

  1. Welcome back to L.A. Glad you had a rejuvenating Christmas vacation. Did you get any knitting or crocheting done? Did you finish the off-white sweater in time? Inquiring minds need to know!

    I miss all my WeHo SnB goils!!! Can’t wait for our first Farmers Market Meeting in 2009!

    Happy New Year, Lolo!

    • lauren2498

      Thanks Ellen! It’s good to be back. I did do a bit of crocheting on the plane (some cowls) but other than that I decided to rest my hands from all the Christmas gifts I cranked out at the last second. The sweater was finished in time except I forgot to take photos. Eric’s parents loved the gifts but I think his grandmother was the most excited about her socks. Can’t wait to see you next Thursday, I’m sure you’ve been busy during your freetime with lots to show us!

  2. Ava

    Glad you made it home safely . . . you could have been driving in the freezing rain . . . stupid PA weather when it can’t make up its mind.

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