A Bowl Game

After a fun but quiet New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house playing Rock Band, Eric and I were up early on New Year’s Day heading to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl game.

Eric and I on our way to the game

Eric and I on our way to the game

For weeks we’ve been planning to head over and tailgate and then watch the game from the parking lot since we weren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets. Monday night, a friend of ours called asking if we’d want to take his tickets as he was unable to go. Eric’s been a PSU fan since he was a little kid so we jumped at the chance–even if it meant we had to sit in the USC alum section. Yikes.

We didn’t want to forgo our New Year’s Day tradition of pork and sauerkraut. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition that we’ve carried out every year on the West Coast. This year would be a little tricky since we’d need to make everything on our mini-tailgating grill.


I think it turned out well. We grilled the pork chops, wrapped them up in foil while we prepared everything else.



Then, we sauteed onions and apple (to cut some of the sour flavor) before adding in the kraut to warm up.

Making the sauerkraut

Making the sauerkraut

Last, we made instant mashed potatoes which turned out surprisingly well. We tossed the chops back on the grill for a quick warm up and we were good to go.

Mixing up the potatoes

Mixing up the potatoes

We even stowed a few Yuenglings in our luggage on the way home from Christmas which we then saved for the game.



Unfortunately the meal didn’t give our team the luck they needed–to be honest, they played like crap–but we still had a great time.


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