A Pack of Packages

I’ve been busy putting together packages this week. One of the perks of my job is that we’re a UPS shipping location which means I can have things packaged and picked up from my office. 

First, I’ve been working on a care package for a friend. I finished my shell cowl so that was the first (and I think best part of the package).


Winter White Cowl

Winter White Cowl



It is the first crochet or knitting pattern I’ve ever modified/made. I love it. I hope she sends me pictures of her wearing it. To make it, I chained 70 and did a shell pattern every five stitches with one slip stitch in between each shell. At the end of a round, I slip stitched to the top of the shell and started shelling in the divots, slipping on top of the shells from the prior row.


A Closer Look

A Closer Look



I also included some treats for her and her new pet!

The second package was for my sister, Megan, who loved the beret I made our sister in law for Christmas and requested one for herself. Here’s a photo of my friend Susan modeling it for me.


Susan sporting it my way

Susan sporting it my way

Now her way

Now her way

Here’s a better view of the back and side. This is a free crochet pattern that I made with Caron Simply Soft yarn. So, my total cost for the beret was $2.50. 


Side and Back

Side and Back




Last, was for my oldest friend Nicole. We’ve known each other since kindergarten and I know we’ll still be in touch when we’re grumpy old ladies. It was her birthday this week. So I decided to send her a cowl too. 

I absolutely love putting together little packages for people–especially with fun knitted goodies inside!


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  1. LOVE the cowl! Maybe you should write up this pattern and post it to Ravelry!

    The beret has just the right “slouch” to it. Nice work!

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