A Recovery

My mom is a hospice volunteer–something she’s done since the kids have moved out. She’s always been great at sitting and keeping people company–especially in stressful or sad situations–so I know she’s a great support to the people she’s assigned to.

She likes to tell the ladies that she visits about her kids, and when she talks to them about me she tells them about my knitting. Since so many of them have been crafters in their years, they usually get a kick out of it.


Fair Isle

Fair Isle



Last year, my mom had a hospic patient who was quite the knitter herself. She gave my mom one of the projects that she never got to finish, and my mom asked me to take a crack at it.

It’s a Fair Isle Sweater Kit from Scotland and, fotuitously, she was my size. I admire her–the entire sweater was knit stockinet stich on size 3 needles (in otherwords teeny-freekin-tiny). All that needs done is the sleeves, seaming and grafting in the fair isle portion.

Sweater Kit

Sweater Kit

I like thinking about the sweater being finished and worn. Saturday I took a sick day and got started and I’m hoping to have it finished soon.


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  1. Mom

    Thanks, kiddo! I like to think we “rescue” craft projects like some people rescue shelter animals! Keep up the good work, and thanks for helping me deplete my stash of great “stuff”!

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