A New Project

I started this project two weeks ago. It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern. 

a0af07af120783329329183I don’t understand why models stand like this. You can’t really see what they’re wearing.

I’m loving the cables, it’s just taking forever to feel like I’m making any progress. 

img_5094I’ve almost finished the back and am hoping that the front doesn’t take quite as long. I know it’s all the cables. I signed up for the NaKniSweMoDo group on Ravelry, which is why I’m hurrying along. The goal is to finish a sweater every month. Yesterday I told my mom I have the yarn for 6 sweaters. Then I realized that was a total lie. I have enough for 9, plus yarn to make a wrap. It’s ridiculous really. I can easily knit through September without having to buy a thing. Here’s hoping I can stick to the plan.

Tonight is taco night at our house. I’m trying to think of a fun way to mix it up–aside from including our favorite very cheap wine–Carlo Rossi Sangria. With the album coming out, we’re watching every penny. Hopefully taco night will be a much needed distraction. I make a mean guac and it seems like the perfect night to kick back with a little wine and watch The Sopranos with Eric.



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6 responses to “A New Project

  1. You’re aiming for a sweater a month! Holy cow…I just want to knit 1 this YEAR! As soon as I finsh my 2 fat bottom bags, 1 star-afghan, 1 beanie hat and other misc. items I’ll get started!

    • lauren2498

      Three things:
      1–I have a lot of free time. My family is far away and my husband works like crazy. 🙂
      2–I’m ambitious
      3–I’m slightly delusional 🙂

      The fat bottom bags are awesome. You’ll love them. I’ve made three!

  2. FBB…I make one a month! sometimes more…like this month!

  3. Your sweater looks great! Have patience, the front will be faster than the back.

    Next time you make guacamole, throw in some pomegranite seeds. I had this last week at a party and the coolness of the pomegranite contrasted nicely with the spicy guac!

    Long-Time Domestic, Ellen B.

  4. Ava

    I hate the model “stance” too, but I chalk that up to Debbie Bliss’s taste. Love the purple and can’t wait to see it on. I’m hoping to have a sweater finished this weekend . . . but it’s been on the needles since early July. No pressure here.

  5. The sweater vest is divine. I love the cables. A sweater a month. WOW! You go! I am still trying to finish the hubby’s Christmas scarf.

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