A Taco Night

Friday night Eric and I had taco night. Something we used to do on a regular basis but haven’t in the last year or so. First, because I listened to “Fast Food Nation” on audio tape and was afraid to eat ground beef for about a year. Second, because we were trying to eat healthy before the wedding. Since I’ve officially fallen off both bandwagons, taco night is back on.

Because it’s been awhile since we had taco night, I stuck to the essentials.


Note my favorite: enormous jug ‘o wine

We like to heat the taco shells–even when we buy the cheap-y ones from the store.


Eric made his a taco salad, which was much more photogenic than mine.

And I made sure we had plenty of guac.


Here’s my guac “recipe”

Salsa (or tomatoes and jalapenos)
Lemon juice

I like to add fresh corn but Eric’s not a fan so I usually only make that when he’s not home. I loved Ellen’s suggestions of pomegranate seeds–I’m going to have to try that next time.


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One response to “A Taco Night

  1. We love taco night. We use ground turkey to make it a little bit healthier. You really do need to heat up the taco shells.

    Personally I like taco salad the night after better. We throw everything in the salad bowl and top it with Follow Your Heart Spicy Southwestern Ranch dressing. It’s dressing is vegan and tasty.

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