A Holiday, Who Knew

Courtesy of my friend Alexis. Today is National Pie Day


Photo by Mark Thomas Courtesy of Epicurious

Photo by Mark Thomas Courtesy of Epicurious



While I have never been a huge fan of pie (I’m more of a cake eater–Marie Antoinette would be proud.), with no big plans for this evening, I might take a shot at making one. My last pie didn’t turn out well. I’ve been making Eric’s grandmother’s Sour Cream Apple Pie for years and thought I’d tweak the recipe…on Christmas Eve. Yeah, that was a pour move…(get it pour…) the pie didn’t set and we had pie soup…anyway. Here are a few recipes I’m deciding between:

Cranberry and Pumpkin Pie Spice Teacake

Mascarpone and Prune Tartlets

Coconut Tart

Oooh, I so don’t have the ingrediants to make this but check out this one  pictured above. Yum.



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4 responses to “A Holiday, Who Knew

  1. Kelli

    OMG! A pie holiday. As if I really needed a reason before to make a pie. I think I know what I am doing tonight. I already have a pre-made crust in the fridge. Now what will I fill it with?! My calendar will be permanently marked with this glorious holiday.

  2. Who declared this holiday? Marie Callendar?
    If you go over to the OOPS group on Ravelry, there’s a food section. Mehitabell gave us all a recipe for cranberry pie that sounds divine. I haven’t made it yet, but it sounded fairly easy.

  3. A pie holiday. I love pie! I wish I had some pie right now, sitting in that pink room with all the yarn and a cat. No pie…I guess I will have a bowl of cereal instead. What a sad replacement.

  4. Barb (aka tobpa)

    AHHHHHH…that explains the craving for lemon-sponge pie by one co-habitant here! Better a day late than not at all! Will definitely mark the calendar for future years!

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