An Outing, A Sunset, An Elephant–A Busy Weekend

Eric’s album is finished (at least all the parts that he has to do). The level of stress in our house has finally dropped and we’re looking forward and optimistic to the release. Truth be told, it’s scary. While the investment wasn’t such that it will break the bank if it doesn’t sell, it’s a scary time to have made any investment. Aside from that, the emotional investment for Eric is huge. He has been dreaming about this for a long time and is putting a huge portion of himself out to the world. 

Regardless of the outcome though, it’s done. Now it’s just time to wait. So we spent the weekend relaxing and hanging out together. Saturday we hung out in Hermosa in between two small gigs he had at a community theater.

We ate here. It was Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ. Eric had a Braz-illy Cheesesteak sandwhich which was yummy. I had pulled pork–you can’t go wrong. My favorite was the potato salad with pineapple and peas. Yum. I’m thinking of tossing those in next time I make mine–along with a little green apple maybe. 

After our late lunch/early dinner, we hit the beach for sunset.

It was a little chilly but you can’t beat the view.

Sunday Eric slept late…meanwhile I was awake at quarter to 7 because I had a dream about renovating a house we recently toured. In my dream, I had built vineyards and bought a goat–neither of which I’m interested in, so god only knows where that came from, must have been the pulled pork.

In my quiet morning, I finished my first sweater of the year (photos to come later this week) and made a yummy hot spinach and artichoke dip for our Superbowl party. I ate my weight in food on Sunday thanks to the dip and a cheeseburger that was nearly the size of a dinner plate. Monday it was back to work and the daily grind!

Saturday was my nephew Gavin’s first birthday and while we couldn’t make it for the fete, it sounds like everyone had a great time. Here’s his present, which I’ve been hiding photos of until now.

img_5093img_5092The pattern is Elephant…more on my Ravelry page for those interested. Happy birthday Gavin!



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2 responses to “An Outing, A Sunset, An Elephant–A Busy Weekend

  1. Yay for elephants. That elephant is so cute. I love the stripes. Happy Birthday Gavin!

    Congrats on the album being finished.

    Oh and your first sweater of the year too. Oh how we love the knits.

  2. Ava

    Congrats on the album . . . since you turned me on to Paramore, I can’t wait to hear his music. And the elephant is adorable.

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