A Bandwagon

Right now on Facebook everyone is posting their list of 25 Things about them…I’ve been ‘tagged’ but I’m just not feeling it. Besides, I’ve read so many of them that say, “3. I feel like I married my sole mate” line. (Clearly, that’s why you married him.) I wanted to do something different. So, I thought for fun, I’d post 25 Domestic Things about Me for my S.D. readers (all 30 of you…hi!). 

25 Domestic Things About Me

1. When I was a little girl it was my job to clean the bathrooms on Saturday mornings. In my mind this went on for years though to be fair, it was probably about 3 months. Anyhow, to this day I really like cleaning the bathroom. I think it’s rewarding. It’s such a small place and you can see the results right away.

2. I will eat pasta every day for a month and not get sick of it. Whenever Eric works late, I have pasta. It kills me that he still actually asks me what I had for dinner.

3. I love to look at cookbooks and will tag all the recipes I want to make–and then actually make only one of them.

4. I’ve never understand the debate between knitters about what yarn other knitters use. Not that I’ve been personally confronted about it, but I see it on Ravelry all the time. If you like Cascade 220 and I like Red Heart Soft, we both win, less competition. 

5. A few years ago I bought these baskets at Big Lots, you know the ones that are nested together with matching lining. Anyhow, I have some in my desk, in my bathroom and in my closet and I absolutely love them. Ten dollars well spent.

6. I wanted a soup ladle for the last 2 and a half years, but never remembered to buy one until I was in the process of scooping. We finally added one to our registry and got it this fall…everytime I use it, I smile.

7. In the sixth grade, I was making lunch for my family and didn’t realize plastic plates couldn’t go in the oven. (My worst kitchen disaster.) I remember having to go to the store and pick out a new plate for my mom.

8. I think my proudest kitchen accomplishment was our Thanksgiving dinner. It was really fun to do it all myself and I have a whole new appreciation for it. Though, my favorite thing to make is chili.

9. I am awful at spacial reasoning. This actually effects my cooking a lot. I’m always trying to put things in too small of a bowl or pan and it spills over the side. Lately, to overcompensate, I’ve just put everything in the biggest bowl we have. 

10. I realistically think I could reupholster my own couches.

11. My absolute favorite foods are cheese and peanut butter. Sometimes together.

12. I started knitting so that I wouldn’t fall asleep every time I sit down to watch TV. It actually has helped a lot.

13. When I’m really bummed, I go to a fabric store and look at the walls full of bolts. 

14. I made both of my prom dresses, still, Eric and I are both really glad I didn’t try to make my wedding dress.

15. I love when people come to my house and are comfortable enough to grab things out of the fridge.

16. All I really want when we buy a house is a great back yard with deck potential. As it is we spend a ton of time on our teeny balcony, so I know we’ll be out there all the time.

17. If I had to pick between giving up sweets for life or giving up burgers, pizza and wings, I’d drop sweets in a second.

18. I love to try new foods. In Australia I ate a grub in the outback. 

19. Even if I don’t like something, I make myself try it twice.

20. I never turn down cheesecake. It’s a life rule. 

21. I like tasting beers and tequillas as much as wines.

22. At some point in my life, I want to have an old-fashioned dress form. 

23. I’ve worked at a fashion magazine, yet I still was a little offended when my brother said I was the “girly” sister.

24. 99% of my clothes are solid colors but I love crazy jewelry. I think I got it from my grandma who always wore big earrings even if she was just coming over for dinner. 

25. I want a kitchen big enough for armchairs or a breakfast nook. I think the hardest conversations are easier in the kitchen.



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4 responses to “A Bandwagon

  1. I like number 25. I think you might be right about those conversations.

  2. Michele

    I agree on the kitchen! I’ve always wanted one with a fireplace in it. And then my mom could come over and yell at everyone for congregating in the kitchen. But she’d be wrong. That fireplace would kick ass. Will, it will kick ass.

  3. Wow! Me too…on most of your answers. No wonder we see eye-to-eye most of the time!
    However, I never even contemplated sewing either of my wedding dresses or prom dress!!!

  4. Kelli

    I am with you on #6. I got TWO ladels (one small, one large) in my stocking at Christmas and it has changed my life – or at least made serving up the soup and chili I am always making WAY easier.

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