A Breakfast

Yesterday afternoon, I read about Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on Ellen and Natalie‘s blogs.


I was really excited because we actually had ice cream at home and I had big plans to make waffles to go with it. Even though I had shared the plan…when I woke up this morning the ice cream carton was in the trash. I’m not pointing fingers but it wasn’t me, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the cat…

Still, not to be deterred, I decided to make some French Toast instead. For some reason, we never make French Toast.


It was delicious–but it definitely wasn’t ice cream.




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4 responses to “A Breakfast

  1. If I was faced with an empty carton of ice cream on the morn of ICFBD I would have gone back to bed.

  2. Barb (aka tobpa)

    Are you kidding me? Why didn’t I know about this holiday! I live with the ice-cream monster, so it would definitely be a holiday we would celebrate!

  3. Ava

    And you don’t even have “French Toast weather” in California . . . but you had it in PA. You know what I am am talking about . . . everyone rushes into the grocery stores to by milk, bread, and eggs for the impending “storm” OR everyone just really, really loves French toast.

  4. Hmmmmm? Finding an empty ice cream carton in the trash on the most important day for ice cream is very sad, indeed.

    I would have MADE the ice cream thief run to the store and pick up some more ice cream, first thing in the morning. There should be consequences to be paid.

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