A Decade

Today is my 10-year anniversary with Eric. 


I absolutely cannot believe it’s been that long. It feels like a minute ago that we were celebrating our one-year anniversary, when he cooked for me at his parents house, making crab fettuchini and a really unique tiramisu (Let’s just say, it was liquid). Or that we were on separate continents, celebrating our five year anniversary when I was in Sydney and he was on the cruise ship. It really feels like yesterday that we got to stand up in front of our family and friends and get married (cause it kindof was). 


We only got to spend a few minutes together today since I had to head out to work and Eric is off at the studio until late tonight. Still, I’m grateful for every day we spend together–especially after being long distance for so long. Tomorrow we’re off to Spago to celebrate (thanks to a wedding gift from my sister) and I absolutely can’t wait.

Here’s to many more decades of love.



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3 responses to “A Decade

  1. Those pictures of the two of you are far too cute! Congratulations!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Great photos!

  3. Happy Anniversary you two cuteys!

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