A Challenge

One of my good friends is celebrating her birthday this weekend. She got a new puppy after Christmas, and sent me a photo today. It’s from this seller on etsy. I’m officially inspired.

Here’s a photo of her puppy.moose

I’m not sure I can make a hat that tiny (although I could always test it out on Foxy….) I am going to make it a little bigger and hope he grows into it by next winter. 🙂

On the homefront: life got busy and crazy. Eric’s CD is officially out. He’s selling it on his website and CD Baby, it’s also going to be on iTunes soon. He’s had a great response so far with minimal promotion so we’re really excited to see where this summer will lead.

In the meantime, here are a few other fun things that have gone on in our life:

– After being inspired by Natalie’s Vegan ‘Til 6 plan, I tried it for Lent. I have failed, miserably.

– Eric’s parents came to town and we had a record 4/4 in the resturant category. We hit Canter’s, Pink Pepper, Gladstone’s and Lucifer’s. Yum.

– I haven’t cooked a thing since they came to visit.

– I signed up for and received training in the LA Public Library’s Adult Literacy Program, my first tutoring session is next week.

I also finished my February and March sweaters–now to just take photos of them. It’s nice to be back at the blog. I’ve missed it.



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2 responses to “A Challenge

  1. Barb (aka tobpa)

    Can’t wait to see the sweater pics! You GO GIRL!

  2. That is a cute puppy!

    I fell off the Vegan til six last weekend when I was scooping ice cream for the Godbabies birthday. I had to clean my fingers and a spoon or two but then I got back on. Granted I got a stomach flu this past week and the idea of meat is absolutely revolting.

    Awesome news about the CD. You should put up a link!

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