An Easter Weekend

I love Easter. The flowers, the sunshine, the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Eggs.

We had a really nice weekend. On Saturday, we had lunch with our friend’s whose baby girl we hadn’t seen since November. She’s so cute and her little personality cracks me up. I love kids at this age. Here she is posing with Eric’s CD (even babies love it!).

img_5229Sunday started out early for us. We got up at 4 (that’s AM) to head over to the Hollywood Bowl for a sunrise service. My excitement was twofold. One – for the service. Two – to finally see the inside of the bowl. I was actually awake before my alarm went off, I’d like to thank our Tommy-Lee-lookalike neighbor for that.

Eric really champed up, for not being a morning person he was awake and happy on our walk over. Although, he didn’t really appreciate my efforts to capture the moment for posterity.

img_5232We got settled inside just before the service started. I was bundled up with a knit scarf, mittens and vest and a cozy blanket over my lap. The music was beautiful but more exciting for me was watching/listening to the birds wake up and start zooming around. 


When we got home, we were both pretty awake, and we had made plans the night before for a yummy breakfast of homemade home fries and swiss and mushroom eggs. 

img_5243We both took long naps before tackling the cleaning and cooking for our Easter dinner. We were making our usual ham, broccoli salad, and au gratin potatoes. I decided to throw in a recipe I found for a lemon-cornmeal bunt cake.

The trick was, I don’t have a bunt pan. So I though, I’ll just make a loaf…

img_5245Woops. At least I thought far enough ahead to put the pan underneath it. So, we set it aside, it tastes fine but I wouldn’t have eaten it if I was at someone elses house, so it didn’t get served.

img_5246Still, we had a great dinner with Kelli, Will and Chris who brought over yummy treats as well. We’ll be eating leftovers most of this week–Ham Salad, Quiche and Macaroni, Broccoli and Ham, and I think I’m going to try my hand at a Ham Bean Soup as well.


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  1. Lauren! Excellent photojournalism! Love the photos at the Bowl!

    Hahaha! Love the non-bundt pan cake too! That’s happened to me millions of times! You probably should have used a 13″ x 9″ pan, but oh well. Now you know what to look for at all of those yard sales!

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