A Girls-Only Camping Trip

Last Friday, Kelli and I packed up the car and headed north to Ojai for the weekend. We’ve both been camping countless times, but neither without adult supervision or a boy who steps in to run the show. We both knew we were more than capable of fairing for ourselves for a weekend, but it was nice to prove it.

Friday night we didn’t arrive on site until after 9. You aren’t able to make reservations at the site so they were unfortunately full when we arrived, leaving us with two options: sleep in the car or hike back about 200 feet to a clearing where people had apparently camped before. We opted for hiking back, starting a fire and pitching our tent so we could make some food and hit the hay pretty quickly. Still, it was about midnight until we got to sleep.


Looking down into our campsite

Rose Valley Lake



Saturday, we woke up early and had breakfast started before 8. It wasn’t much longer until we were ready to hike out, following a trail that left from behind our campsite. While I’m not sure of the altitude we climbed, I was struggling. Kelli seemed to handle it well, scrambling up the mt. in stride. Still, since I was sucking more wind that the Goodyear Blimp, we worked our way up at a pretty slow pace. I eventually made it to the top, giving Kelli ample opportunity to stop and stretch along the way. We hiked along the ridgeline for another half mile or so before looking out over the coast and checking out the Chanel Islands in the distance before heading down.


Looking down into our campsite

Looking down into our campsite


The Channel Islands are way out there I promise

The Channel Islands are way out there I promise




No sooner had we started back down the mountain, than I hiked out of my boot–literally–the sole completely pulled away from the boot.


Stupid Shoe

Stupid Shoe



While I wasn’t sure how I would make it back down, I knew I had sandles in my pack to change into if I needed to. Eventually I decided to tear off the sole, and hike down with the remaining portion of my boot.

When we got back down, we realized several sites were open, so we quickly moved camp. Switching sites only took a few minutes and it was completely worth it. We had a fire pit and a picnic table and no sooner had  we set up site that a ranger came through who, I’m fairly certain, would have booted us had he seen us in the other site.

We hung out in the shade for a little while, watching some of the other campers set up their sites while I repaired my boot with some bandaids I had packed for emergencies. We were even treated to some lovely flute music by a campsite a few plots down from us. Since it had cooled off a little, we decided to hike back to a waterfall that was about a 1/4 mile from camp. It was cool at the base of the falls, but it was a pretty mild stream coming down. I’m not sure if it’s a greater waterflow earlier in the year but I’m sure it would be pretty.


Kelli checks out the falls

Kelli checks out the falls



After coming back from the falls, Kelli chopped up tons of veggies for a yummy foil pack, we started an exceptional fire and were further entertained by the musicians a few sites down who despite their extensive reputare of music, had the exceptional ability to make every song sound exactly the same. 

We packed it in Saturday night after I found myself dozing off next to the campfire. I slept great that night after bundling myself up in 3 pairs of socks, two pants, several tops a jacket and a hat–no bikini for this babe. 

Sunday, we got up and tour down camp and headed out to the Piedra Blanca Formations hiking a quick and easy “two miles” each way. The walk (I hesitate to call it a hike) was simple but pretty and we had a few stream crossings that unfortunately my shoe did not survive.

After our hike and a snack, we hit the road and were back in LA by 3:30. It was a great weekend and definitely a success. Now I just have to secure myself some new boots before we hit the trails again.



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2 responses to “A Girls-Only Camping Trip

  1. Sounds like you two had a great time! The photos of the scenery are beautiful.

    Yeah, your shoe came apart and you didn’t have a back-up pair. Perfect solution to NOT hike the rest of the weekend!

  2. Barb (aka tobpa)

    Pictures are great! Sure makes the hike to the top at Creationfest look like a stroll up a banked hillside! Glad you enjoy the outdoors and share your experiences with us couchpotatoes!

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