A Cat

img_5227I haven’t really posted too much on this blog about our cat, Foxy. We adopted her from the Pet Orphan’s Fund in Van Nuys almost 3 years ago. She’s incredibly social and comes out when we have friends over, follows me from room to room when I’m at home and usually runs to the door to great me when I get home from work. 

I did the convincing when we decided to adopt her. Eric wasn’t so into it but was willing to make the compromise since he know how desperately I wanted a pet. That means I usually handle feeding and tending to her and Eric pays attention to her when she hops up in his lap.

Last night when I got home from work, we noticed that Fox was limping. I wasn’t too concerned but we did check to see if she cut her paw or had any pain when we touched her leg. She seemed fine, so I figured it was just a muscle and went about my business. My opinion is that we’ll take a few days to see how she does before getting too concerned.

Two hours later, I realize, Eric is carrying her from room to room in the apartment. He carried her to the couch so she could cuddle with us while we watched AI, then he carried her to bed when I was ready to go to sleep.

She’s definitely feeling better this morning and was up poking a round while I got ready for work. But really, God only knows what’s going to go on while I’m at work today. For all I know, I could come home to her in a motorized cart Eric’s devised so she doesn’t have to put weight on her leg. Heaven help us if we have kids.


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