A Blast from the Past — Prom



Oh prom….

I love prom season. Even now. Last Friday night Eric and I went for a walk in our neighborhood and saw a bunch of kids getting  ready for prom. It was really cute.

My first prom was Eric’s senior prom. We had actually only been dating a few months. I had actually started making my prom dress only three or four weeks after our first date but just didn’t tell anyone because he hadn’t officially asked me yet. I didn’t want to be presumptuous but I also didn’t want to have to crank out a dress at the last minute. I absolutely love this dress still. The back did a really intricate cross with the straps, which unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of here.

My favorite things about this photo are:

1) Eric’s glasses and the collar button…it was the look for tuxes that year, he’s so cutting edge 

2) My shoes (hot)

3) The necklace which I bought on our choir trip to London. I still have it and actually considered wearing it at our wedding.





My Senior Prom

My Senior Prom

This is the only photo I could find of my senior prom. I actually hosted a “pre-prom” party this year because I wanted an excuse to serve mini quiche. We had a great time with lots of friends and family stopping by to see us all in our dresses. I actually made and designed this dress. You can’t see the detail at all…but, it had a really pretty lace insert. I stressed out over that dress, and it’s actually the reason I didn’t make my wedding dress.

Things I love about this photo:

The flamingos. I actually forgot about this until just now but every month for an entire year, my mom, Nicole and I stole the flamingos from my neighbor’s front yard when they were out of town or on a walk. We’d decorate them and then put them back. Ah the things we did to amuse ourselves in Central PA.

Both of my proms were at the Valencia Ball Room in York. We had dinner at both and Eric and I really did have a fabulous time both nights. We never had a limo, but Eric was very excited to borrow his dad’s Mazda 626. Both years we went to after prom parties at friends’ houses where we watched awful movies and played board games until dawn. Great fun. 

Eric actually hadn’t had a great junior prom–more or less ditched at the dance–and I remember hearing the story from a mutual friend of ours and saying how much it sucked because he was such a nice guy. Who knew that so many years later we’d be married.

While we’re at it…check out Michelle Obama’s prom dress. Thanks Natalie for being such a great hostess.



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4 responses to “A Blast from the Past — Prom

  1. Hey Party Crasher & Flamingo Raider! So glad you came to prom But where is Eric’s prom photo? We really need to see a picture of that dress. I can’t believe you made your prom dresses. That is very impressive.

  2. Lauren! The first photo isn’t showing up. The second one of you and your g.f. looks great. the dress is beautiful. You look the same. when was the pic taken? last year?

  3. Very cool that you made your dresses — they look great! Thank you for sharing your story — fun to read!

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