A Meatball Sandwich


For a few months before our wedding, Eric and I followed The Abs Diet, which basically, just gives you 12 foods that you try to incorporate into your meals and gives you a schedule for eating six times a day (yum). We bought the cookbook to go along with it, mostly for the smoothy recipes.

The dinner recipes are pretty good too. Just the other night we decided to revisit the cookbook and try out the meatball sandwiches. So fantastic. The meatballs are just made of ground beef, saltines, onion, garlic and ground flax seed. Browned in a pan and served with tomato sauce. It’s been a little while since I made something that made me say “oh wow” in the first bite…these did the trick. Served with fresh corn, it was a perfect summer meal.



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2 responses to “A Meatball Sandwich

  1. Yummm..minus the flax seed (add salt and pepper), your meatball recipe sounds like my Grandma’s meatloaf recipe. Delish!

  2. Any diet that has a meatball sandwich on it works for me. YUM!

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