A Focaccia

I love eggplant. Unfortunately, Eric does not. But, it’s a great meal to make when I’m home by myself–usually quick, healthy and a great portion for one. I’ve been eating quite a bit of eggplant since it’s in season.


When my new Everyday Cooking came with a recipe for Eggplant Focaccia, I had to try it. I rarely cook on a weeknight, especially not anything fancy. But, last night I decided it was worth the wait. (Did you know that Focaccia needs to sit for almost an hour before you bake it?!)

During my 1-Hr Wait

During my 1-Hr Wait

Finally around 8 I sat down to dinner, way late for me. The foccacia was yummy. Salty, but yummy. Next time, I’d cut the eggplant a bit thinner and make twice as much because between dinner last night and lunch today, it’s nearly gone.

Done and done

The best part of the meal though, was seeing Lionel Richie at Trader Joes when I was buying the dough. I wonder if those three bags White Cheddar Popcorn were for Nicole…



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4 responses to “A Focaccia

  1. The eggplant foccacia looks great! Ooooo….I love seeing stars at Trader Joe’s. It proves that they are real people too. Lionel Richie….score! Which T. J.’s were you at?

    I saw Andy Richter once at the T. Joe’s on La Brea & 3rd.

  2. Yum, that looks delicious! I’ve never cooked with eggplant before, but maybe I should give this a try….

  3. Mmm… Love, love, love eggplant! I wish I could get it together and eat by 8pm; jealous. That would be early at my house. How do you do it?

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