A Book Review: Garlic and Sapphires

Sunday morning I woke up not feeling well. After my morning coffee and lounging about, I just couldn’t shake it. I decided a day on the couch with a book was in order. Luckily I had been at the library earlier in the week and picked up a new book: Garlic and Sapphires.

book-garlicRuth Reichl was the food editor for the Los Angeles Times and who was recruited to be the Restaurant Critic for the New York Times. This book shares her tales about life in NYC, eating in full costumes to avoid being pegged and going out to eat night after night.

I really enjoyed her writing style and will definitely check out her other books. This book came out in ’05 and I hadn’t heard of it until browsing Amazon one afternoon. It’s a quick read. Great for foodies. It’s especially good for busy moms or people who only have 10-20 minutes at a time to read. The chapters are great stand  alone stories…or, if you’re a bookhound like me, you can read the book cover to cover in an afternoon.

By the time I finished, my stomach was feeling better and I was inspired. Off to the kitchen I went for a Sunday dinner of pasta with homemade sauce.



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2 responses to “A Book Review: Garlic and Sapphires

  1. Oh! I read that book when it came out. I loved it. The book was hangin’ around the office. It seems that Ruth R. had pitched the book as a TV series idea. She brought chocolate chip cookies to the pitch meeting.

    The cookies were great, but the Development Execs. didn’t go for the pitch. Too bad. I think it would have made a hilarious show.

  2. I will have to check it out.

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