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One of the good things to come out of this downturn for me was realizing how little I really need. But I think a lot of people are going through this so that’s not super unique.

But for us, the slide was interestingly timed with our wedding. The market literally tanked while we were on our honeymoon (and who wants to watch CNN when they can be lounging in the Caribbean). When we returned to reality, this made combining our finances and starting to plan long term as a couple really interesting–especially given that we decided the first thing we wanted to do was produce Eric’s album. This meant a whole second round of expenses after the wedding at a time when things were really slowing up at both of our jobs.

I’m really proud of us. I don’t want to sound cocky, but we’ve worked hard this year, put ourselves in check and really been plowing ahead toward our goals.

Part of our plan (and one of my new year’s resolutions) was to track all my spending. So I signed up for Mint.com. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I LOVE it. I especially love all the little charts and graphs compairing my spending in certain areas to others in my demographic and my spending on items like a phone plan, car insurance, etc. It’s really intersting. I actually am paying too much for my car insurance.

Anyhow, this morning I was poking around on Mint while I drank my coffee and found this chart, which tracks my spending since April.

SpendingLook at me go!!! Also, what the hell was I doing in April?! I can’t wait to see where we stand at the end of the year because there are a couple things we can still do to cut back but just have to wait on due to timing. Cell phone contract, that means you.

Long story short, I know that QuickBooks has all of these features but I really like that Mint enters everything for me and I just have to log in and check my receipts to stay on top of the finances. I also like that I can set a budget for each month and it sends me weekly updates that shows my progress in every category.

Who knew I was such a financial dork, not me for sure!


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  1. The Mint sounds interesting. I will check it out. Good for you on your financial tracking and saving! It’s definitely a practice and habit I would like learn how to do well. No time like the present. Thanks.

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