A Fab Lunch

Today I had to meet with a client in Brea. After meandering through the brushfires along the 210 and a succssful meeting I was ready for lunch. I’ve been working with this client for 5 years and thought I had been to every restaurant in a 10 mile radius. But, we met with a new employee at the company today who had a suggestion, a sushi restaurant called Fish in a Bottle.

Sushi and I have an odd relationship. I love it, but I’m much better served to eat it in the privacy of someone’s home. I start out strong but about half way through I’m over the chopsticks and really just want to eat with my hands. We had sushi at Trader Vics one night and I dropped more than one piece on my lap (and maybe flung some over my shoulder).

Today’s find was exceptional. The specialty rolls were pretty funky and I had a hard time choosing. Do I go with Blue Mountain or Cowboy?

(As described by the OC Register)

The restaurant’s Blue Mountain roll ($9.95) is made with crab, avocado and mozzarella, all baked and topped with blueberry jam. Though one of the more peculiar rolls on the menu, it was one of the best we tried. The flavors of the sweet crab and mild mozzarella seemed enhanced by the addition of the blueberry jam. The nori also did not seem out of place, mostly because there were other sweet elements in the dish.

The Cowboy roll ($9.95) is another menu anomaly, this one containing Angus rib-eye steak, red onions, field greens, bits of Gorgonzola and drizzled with a balsamic reduction sauce.

I opted for the Blue Mountain, since I feel like not eating fish while in a sushi restaurant is a bit of a crime. It was so good. I know it sounds weird. Cheese and jelly with sushi? Trust me, it was perfect. So perfect I don’t want to eat anything else because my taste buds are still remembering how good it was.

You’ll be happy to hear that I did not drop any on my lap. Thank God for that because I was wearing new white pants and blueberry jam would not have looked so good. It wasn’t easy either because the roll was enormous. Four pieces of sushi and I was stuffed.

Next time you’re in Brea (or Cyprus), Fish in a Bottle is a must. Lucky me we’ll be heading back that way soon.



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4 responses to “A Fab Lunch

  1. Blueberry jam?! on Sushi? Wild and intriguing.

    Fish in Bottle…I will remember that name.

  2. That sushi sounds crazy, but I’m glad you tried it so you could report back! I’m very intrigued!

  3. Whaaat? No photos? Well, I suppose taking photos during a business lunch would have seemed strange. Oh well….I’ll just have to imagine what those unusual combos looked like! Sounds great!

  4. Ava

    The Other Sister once took me to a place that had ham sushi . . . ham should never be in sushi. Period.

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