A Healthy Start

After the holidays, I always feel like I need a major break from sugar, sweets and heavy holiday meals. Fortunately all the New Year’s Resolutions that people make inspire the cooking magazines and Web sites I read to post a ton of great light recipes that perfectly fit the bill.

This weekend, Eric and I spent a lot of time hanging out, watching football, cooking and hiking. I had plenty of time to try out three new recipes from the latest Everyday Food.

First up, Spinach Fritata in my new bakers. This was a simple recipes and perfect after we spent the afternoon hiking from Franklin Ave to the peak of Mt. Hollywood behind Griffith Park. I decided to pair it with a second recipe from the magazine, sweet potatoes seasoned with Old Bay.

I didn’t use the cheese called for in the recipe (Gruyere) and opted for the colby jack we had on hand. I’d definitely use a stronger cheese if I made this again, even Swiss would have been a better match. Either way though, it was absolutely fantastic, light and delicious.

The sweet potatoes were my favorite. I ate 3/4 of them myself. Delicious.

Sunday night I made a chickpea curry. I love curry–it’s practically all I ate when I lived in Australia–and I feel like I can never find a recipe that satisfies me as the food I order when I’m out does. This one didn’t either, but it was quick and easy and really affordable. I think my entire cost for 4 servings was less than $2. It would be a great cold day food but with our recent 70 degree temps, it wasn’t a great match.

After dinner both nights this weekend, Eric and I played some board games. I actually beat him at Scrabble, for maybe the first time in the last 6 months and gave him a pretty good run for his money when we played “Simpsons Chess” Sunday night. Foxy wanted to help and seemed to have an obsession with Lisa (the rook). It always amazes me how she zones in on one piece and focuses on it until she gets her paws on it. Here she is, playing shy for the camera.

After such a relaxing weekend, Monday was a harsh reality to say the least. At least the weather here has cooperated. Eric and I also booked a trip to Big Bear in February so we have that to look forward too as well. 2010 is going to be a great year.


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  1. Heather

    Glad to hear you tried the bakers. How do they look with your other dishes? Okay I hope!

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