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A New Setup

Virginia Woolf said every woman needs a room of her own and I whole-heartedly agree.

Still, I’ll settle for a desk of my own, in the corner of our bedroom set up to my liking. Lately the urge to write at home has been unbearable, and I’ve been scribbling in notebooks because a typewriter would have been more productive than the computer I had. Last night, Eric came through the door with a computer he picked up from a friend and I was ecstatic.

I love my desk for a lot of reasons, but  I thought I’d share the top few:

– This desk was the first (and come to think of it only) piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased new. My friend Alexis and I assembled it in our apartment senior year of college and I love it as much now as I did then. The cabinets and little shelves are great for storing all my craft supplies.

– On the upper right corner is vintage luggage I bought at an estate sale, it has snake skin piping and the suitcase holds my sewing machine perfectly.

– My yarn basket full of odds and ends.

– Photos of my family, friends and travels.

– The teddy bear Eric bought me on our first Valentine’s Day

– And of couse, my new computer.

So friends, I’m back, with probably more to say than you had ever thought possible!


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