A Few Domestic Resolutions

I’ve been slow to post my NY Resolutions here. I feel like resolutions aren’t something you should enter into lightly. I wouldn’t do anything else for a year without thinking it through first, I feel like resolutions are the same way. Here goes:

1. Use my bank ledger.

Right now my mom is groaning that this has to be a resolution at all. She definitely taught me better than that. However, we had so little money when we moved to LA I really did know where every penny was for a long time. Plus with planning the wedding, I was saving everything or paying something off. So while I have checked my account balances online religiously each day, I actually haven’t tracked things for myself in a ledger. This is something I definitely will do–and actually already started.

2. Regularly do the laundry

I loath doing laundry. So, I always wait until I absolutely have to do it to even look at it. This means I wind up doing 5-7 loads at a time. It’s totally ridiculous especially since the laundry room in our building is right across the hall.

3. Knit with yarn I already have

I think our apartment is insulated with the amount of yarn I have in it right now–not good during LA summers. I started with one cabinet in my desk for yarn, fabric and other crafty supplies just four years ago. This has now grown to include a second cabinet, one entire side table in our living room, numerous tote bags and a bag of yarn in the closet that I’m not sure Eric realizes is there. (This doesn’t count if I’m knitting presents for others, I have to give myself some type of out, right?) I shared this resolution with Eric, who simply said, “yeah, right.” At least he knows me.

4. Complete our wedding and honeymoon scrapbook

My sister, Megan, and my mother in law each bought me scrapbooking supplies this year. One for the wedding and one for our honeymoon. Now that I’ve had a break from the planning and closing the loop on things, I’m starting to think about cracking into them. 

5. Finish paying off our credit cards and start saving for a downpayment on a house.

There’s not much to say about this other than that it’s just something Eric and I want to do together and it’s a big financial goal for both of us. We’ve been trying to work towards it, but this past year was tough. I’m hoping that it’ll be easier for us to reach our financial goals this year but given the state of things, I’m going to be really pleased if we just keep on the path we’re currently on too.



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2 responses to “A Few Domestic Resolutions

  1. All are excellent resolutions. Best of luck to you! Maybe, since you wrote them down for all of the innernets to see, this will force you to accomplish some of them.

    Me? Resolutions in public? No waaaaay! I’m not as brave as you are.

    • lauren2498

      We’ll see! Only time will tell if I have publicly shamed myself 🙂 I think that they’re all feasible, the one I’m least likely to tackle is the laundry…but who knows maybe I’ll be inspired.

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